Saturday, April 08, 2006

Hey folks, it's Andy W here, or for those that prefer Andrew or Sandor ( the name so nice, my Mom named me twice). I've been in Dallas, Texas for about a Month, now. I followed my work, since my company consolidated my office in Buena Park, California with the one in Dallas.

I'm living in Irving , Texas(soon to be the former home of the Dallas Cowboys) right near DFW(that's the airport). I drive daily to downtown Dallas where the office is located. The people I work with have been very nice in helping me with my transition.
My family is staying in California because as much as Texans love Texas... My family are Californians who love California. You can take the man outta California but ... (hokey isn't it?) Any ways I just wanted to get this started who knows if I'll even keep it going.

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